The Orpheum Theater, nearing its 81st anniversary, is an intimate and elegant hall located in the heart of the Central Business District in New Orleans.

Built in 1921 and renovated in 1989, the theater is reminiscent of many classic European opera houses with an ornate vaulted ceiling and baroque-inspired decoration. The theater is an example of "vertical hall" construction built to provide perfect sight lines and acoustics for the vaudeville shows who didn't have the benefit of amplifiers or modern lighting. Its this attention to audio and visual detail that makes the Orpheum the finest theater in the South. 

In the early days of the theater, this Vaudeville hall featured The Marx Brothers, Burns and Allen, the Singer Midgets and many others. Later, the Orpheum became a premier movie house featuring top Hollywood actors such as John Wayne, Rock Hudson, and Robert Redford. Now, the Orpheum is the home of the Louisiana Philharmonic Orchestra.

The Orpheum's rich history is full of music, theater, and dance, but now, the theater has made a successful transition from an exclusive theater for the arts to a theater capable of meeting your business needs.

The theater is perfect for your business' corporate meetings, conventions, slide presentations, award ceremonies, parties, and dinner parties for up to 350 guests. The Orpheum is one of the few theaters that combine the intimacy and elegance that is a successful combination for business and art.

Some of our preferred clients are companies such as MTV, HBO, Shaklee US Inc., B.E.T. T.V. Network, Sandoz Pharmaceutical Corp., and ITN General Motors, to name only a few, that have found success in using the Orpheum for their business needs. But don't worry, the Orpheum hasn't abandoned its roots in live entertainment. American Theater Arts for Youth, Comedy Central, House of Blues, Clear Channel Entertainment, Superfly Productions, Beaver Productions, B.E.T. Television, and Chamber Theater Productions are just some of the many organizations that use our stage to promote the arts.

The Orpheum Theater can only compliment any event that your company may have. Our staff will assist you in every aspect of your event. So make a date with the Orpheum today!

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